Mamba: The Trading Marketplace of the Future. 

Buy an active trader's future profits.

Their gains are your gains.

Why Mamba

Introducing Mamba: A crypto marketplace where active traders sell future profits to everyday investors through the power of artificial intelligence and gaming mechanics. 


  • Who they are: Individuals who trade actively and profit from the markets consistently. Trading profits are usually the biggest, if not solely, source of income for making a living

  • Problem: Highly skilled traders make huge returns, but are looking to hedge uncertainties given the potential volatility of the market.


  • Who they are: individuals who participate in trading activity. They have a salary job, or a source of income aside from profiting from the markets. Trading is not a primary source of income for them. 

  • Problem: Investors have capital but don't have the skillset to achieve the kinds of returns that traders do.

Our Solution

The Mamba marketplace develops a symbiotic relationship between these individual investors and professional traders to create a win-win solution where both parties benefit.

Our Proprietary

Financial Instrument

Risk Swap


A Risk Swap Contract is the medium for traders and investors to exchange risk exposures. Traders can reduce their exposures to the markets by posting a Risk Swap

Contract on Mamba in exchange for risk-free cash flows

from selling a percentage of their future profits in an agreed

on maturity. An investor enters in a Risk Swap Contract

to claim a portion of a trader’s future trading profits in a given period.

How it Works

Traders authorize Mamba to collect their trading data from exchanges in order to get ranked by the ladder system.

Traders set their price to sell a portion of future profits over a certain period of time.

Traders receives payments at maturity.

For Traders

Investors search on the ladder system to find a trader who has a return and characteristics which the individual investor feels comfortable investing in.

Investors make a payment.

Investors collect the respective portion of a trader's future profits at maturity.

For Investors

System Features


Unlike other crypto coins that use blockchain only to verify transactions, Mamba will use  blockchain to verify all features in our platform (i.e., from investing to settlement) and follow ERC 725 to identify users easily. All features on the Mamba platform will be fair and irreversible. Besides using sidechain to enhance efficiency, investors can use mamba coin to trade with no gas fees and a shortened transaction time.

AI-Powered Ladder System

Using artificial intelligence (AI), our platform rates active traders on robust criteria of behaviors indicative of high-performance and positive returns. This criterion is then incorporated into our gaming-inspired ladder system, where the top performers are ranked and assessed on a dynamic, ongoing basis. This system will also optimize continuously to make sure the strongest traders are elevated to the top of our ladder system.


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